Space Florida’s representative to the NASA FSGC Advisory Board, Dr. Ryan Kobrick, to speak at FIT on Friday, Nov 20 at 4pm

The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department presents

The Martin & Lucinda Glicksman Seminar Series featuring

Ryan L. Kobrick, PhD

Project Manager for Research and Development, Space Florida

Chairman and President, Yuri’s Night

Title: HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT – Highlighting research from lunar dust to the Arctic tundra and how commercial space activities will enhance exploration

When: Friday, Nov. 20 at 4 p.m.

Where: Evans Library Pavilion 133

Abstract: Space exploration is shifting from a traditional government spearheaded effort to a public‐private endeavor with a growing international community. The lecture will cover personal research efforts that have aided in bridging gaps in space technology, operations and social behavior with a distinct focus on Bioastronautics and human spaceflight. The four main topics will include: lunar dust abrasion and implications for surface materials during planetary body missions; human factors research from a 100‐day Mars simulation in the High Canadian Arctic (Devon Island, Nunavut); International Space Station and Florida university efforts in research and development by Space Florida; and global engagement by Yuri’s Night, the World Space Party.

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