NASA Internships – Spring 2017 – Deadline Oct 17th

NASA is still accepting applications for the Spring 2017 internship session.  Attached is a list of opportunities the Kennedy Space Center is offering.  These opportunities are currently posted on, where students can complete applications and apply.  Please share with faculty and students.  The deadline for students to apply is October 17, 2016.

Many students think of interning only in the summer, as that time period generally does not interfere with academic schedules.  We want to encourage students not to limit their opportunities and pursue these invaluable hands-on experiences in the fall and spring as well.  Candidates have a greater chance of being selected during the fall and spring while the applicant pool is significantly smaller and less competitive.  Fall and spring interns have an additional 6 weeks to showcase their talents, develop their skillsets, and build healthy working relationships with potential future employers.  Please encourage your students to apply for NASA internships in the fall, spring, and summer.