STUDENT HANDS-ON WORKSHOP BY THE NANOGrav TEAM AT UCF ===========================================================

NANOGrav, the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves, seeks to detect and characterize low-frequency gravitational waves from distant supermassive black-hole binaries and other sources, through long-term (decades) high-precision timing of an ensemble of millisecond-period pulsars distributed across our Galaxy; the same pulsar-timing datasets also produce supplementary science that ranges from the properties of neutron stars and the content of the interstellar medium, to the nature of relativistic gravity. In the week of March 2-6, the NANOGrav collaboration will be holding a student workshop at UCF on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd March, and a science meeting on Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th (half-day) of March

The student workshop March 2 and 3 to educate students, and other newcomers to NANOGrav science, in NANOGrav science and orient them to topics that will be discussed in the science meeting. Topics include an introduction to Python, pulsar searching and timing, and gravitational wave sources and detection. Each topic includes a short talk followed by related data analysis using python notebooks with assistance from NANOGrav members in the room. There will also be talks geared toward professional development for students. The workshop is mostly organized at the undergraduate and early graduate level, but higher level students and postdocs are also welcome. No experience is required, and attendees are not required to attend the following science meeting; attendees should bring their own laptops (we should have a few suitable for loan, but not enough to cover all attendees!). Lunch will be provided.

The Student Workshop and Science meeting are both open to interested participants not currently in NANOGrav, but registration is required! Please check out the meeting information and register as soon as possible, at the links below.

Meeting information:

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