Orlando Science Center – Family Fun Night Programs
Through a partnership between the Orlando Science Center (OSC) and FSGC, OSC will be revamping their Family Fun Night series by offering two new exciting and fun-filled tracks for each themed night. A Science or Math Leader Teacher now has the choice of offering a Science, Math, Astronomy or Gross Out Night to their students with two layouts of each theme to choose from. These energizing programs get parents and students involved in learning about a variety science and math subject areas. All of the activities that are used during this experience are aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Standards set forth by the Florida Department of Education (DOE) in each subject area.

Family Fun Night programs:

  • Encourage cooperative learning among students, parents, and teachers
  • All activities are aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Standards set in each subject area
  • Introduce scientific and mathematic processes, concepts, and themes with a fun, hands-on approach
  • Develop communication and problem-solving skills
  • Present experiments and demonstrations that supplement formal school science curriculum
  • Provide activity ideas that can be repeated at home for further discovery
  • Reinforce the idea that everyone can be a scientist
In 2011-12, OSC created a number of STEM-focused exhibit experiences that addressed the engineering design principles, problem-based learning and critical thinking skills necessary to engage students STEM Education.  After working closely with Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) to identify the appropriate grade level to focus our curriculum on, 3rdgrade was identified as a feasible starting point.The following STEM-focused exhibit experiences were supported through this partnership with FSGC:Pinewood Derby– Isolate variables to create the fastest Pinewood car; Students will choose wheel size, axel placement, and weight distribution in order to construct the fastest car. Because cars must be designed under a weight limit, visitors must analyze the variables to achieve the best result.

Gravitron -Engineering design challenge; Students create their own ramp design to get a ball from the top of the wall into a target cup. Visitors can also use challenge cards that include parameters that their design must incorporate to hit a specific target.

Wind Tubes– Creative design challenge; Students use various recycled materials to construct and test their own designs in the wind tubes. The materials change through use and provide open-ended opportunities for interaction and engagement.

For more information go to www.osc.org