SOCRATES (Science On-line Computer Resource Aid Targeting Educators and Students) is an educational resource which exploits the power of e-mail, WWW browsers, Chat groups, news groups, and mailing lists. It is intended for use by teachers and students to access and exchange information about science. The SOCRATES project is sponsored by the FSGC and the Higher Education Consortium for Science and Mathematics.

SOCRATES provides a simple way for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools to access information about science. It specifically targets K-12 in order to instill an early interest in the sciences among students, and to help foster the growth of that interest as students begin to choose career goals.

Examples of the services provided by SOCRATES include:

  • Answers to Students Questions
  • Answers to Teachers Questions
  • Conversations about Teaching
  • Resource Sharing

The SOCRATES project is still being developed and more services will be added in the near future.