1 CubeSat “Developer Resources”: http://www.cubesat.org/resources/

  • CubeSat information
  • Testing information
  • Regulatory information

2. CubeSat “Collaborations”: http://www.cubesat.org/collaborate/

  • Enroll on the emailing list
  • Access papers “Workshop Archive”

3. CubeSat “Suppliers”: http://www.cubesat.org/new-index/

  • The companies/suppliers of Components, Buses/Platforms, and Launch Services.

4. CubeSat “Workshop” in April 2019: http://www.cubesat.org/workshop-information/


Selected papers from the 2018 SSC (https://digitalcommons.usu.edu/smallsat/)

CubeSat Failure study

Ground Station

GW-Sat_ 1st


Univ Sat experience_faculty