The Math, Science and Astronomy Summer Camp  is a partnership of NASA Florida Grant Consortium, Santa Fe College and The UF Department of Astronomy. This camp is dedicated to providing enriching opportunities in mathematics, engineering, science, and astronomy for underrepresented and minority students from middle schools in Alachua County. The camp also includes a life skills component that introduces students to life skills in preparation for college and or transition into the work world and training in computer applications. Other training areas include problem solving, teamwork, collaboration skills, building a sense of community and leadership development

In 2011, the camp was held from June 13-18, 2011.  This  week-long camp was designed to introduce middle school youth in East Gainesville to the importance of Math, Science, Astronomy and Life Skills in their daily lives. It was also designed to increase their interest and begin to pave the way to careers in these fields of study. These sessions  provided many opportunities for students to learn by participating in interactive sessions, hands on activities and exciting projects. Some of the projects and activities included

  • Team Building Activities
  • Design Projects
  • Hands on Experiments
  • Interactive exercises that highlight Math, Science and Astronomy

In 2012, the camp was held from June 18-24, 2012. 35 middle school students were enrolled in the camp.  The purpose of the project was to provide a one-week summer camp for students in grades 6-8 with opportunities to learn mathematics, science and astronomy with hands-on activities. Students participated in regular classroom instruction, mentoring, hands-on interactive activities, field trips and took advantage of educational materials and resources provided by Santa Fe College, East Gainesville Instructive Program, The university of Florida, Eastside Highs School and other local community based partners. A life skills component was also integrated into the program. Materials used for the life skills program were provided by the ARISE life skills curriculum for middle school youth. The overall goal was to increase minority representation in the math and sciences, enhance life skills and help pave the way to careers in math, science and astronomy or other related fields.  Approximately 95%of the students were African-American.