NASA FSGC Ambassadors

2015 NASA FSGC Ambassadors

The Ambassadors’ primary mission is to inform students at their home universities about opportunities available to them at NASA and the NASA FSGC. Their primary responsibilities involve communicating with space-related student organizations and participating in public outreach events. Ambassadors must have strong interpersonal skills as well as excitement for space exploration and STEM research. Here are the 2014 NASA FSGC Ambassadors!

Adam Church 


NAME: Adam Church
UNIVERSITY: University of Central Florida

We, as people, are compelled to explore. It’s the backbone of the story of our time on this planet. There’s something fundamental about our makeup that drives us to understand the nature and boundaries of our reality. We explore and we discover, and with that discovery comes knowledge that improves our lives, and brings us closer to an understanding of our place in the cosmos. I can’t imagine a more exciting chapter in that pursuit than the here and now.


Nicolas Rongione


UNIVERSITY: University of Miami

I hope to attend graduate school for aeronautics and astronautics or applied physics, focusing on the development of advanced propulsion systems and preparing myself for  a career in the space sector.

Nicolas Rongione’s Ambassador Presentation


Taylor Schluter 


NAME: Taylor Schluter
UNIVERSITY: Florida Institute of Technology

I am double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Physics. I have always been curious about the world and the natural laws that govern it. I am very excited about the current state of the space programs around the world. As these space programs have matured, I think that our understanding of the universe has only prospered. In fact it is a dream of mine to see mankind travel beyond our moon within my lifetime.


Chelsea Patridge


NAME: Chelsea Patridge
UNIVERSITY: University of North Florida

When I was five years old, I went to my school’s fair. The first game I played was a balloon-­‐popping contest, where you popped a balloon and a piece of paper inside indicated your prize. I had really wanted to win a Barbie doll, and was very disappointed when I was handed a book. At the time, I had no idea what an influence this book would have on me. The book turned out to be a fantastic book on the planets, filled with facts and colorful pictures that mesmerized me for hours. The picture that had the greatest impact on me was a picture of a spacewalking astronaut, with a proud “NASA” patch on their suit. Ever since that day, I have been emblazoned with a passion for NASA and space that rivals nothing else.

Chelsea Partridge’s Ambassador Presentation


Lindsey Carboneau


NAME: Lindsey Carboneau
UNIVERSITY: Florida Gulf Coast University

After graduation I hope to work with unmanned space missions, continuing my current work and experience with robotics and aerial systems. I also want to continue working with FIRST and SWE to promote STEM education and research, particularly for middle and high school students.

Lindsey Carboneau’s Ambassador Presentation


Francesca Morea


NAME: Francesca Morea
UNIVERSITY: University of South Florida

Almost every child in one point in their life has said they wanted to be a rocket scientist when
they grow up. I never imagined that was a possibility for me to work towards. After going through
several hardships while living in California I have realized that truly nothing is impossible. Through hard
work, dedication, and resilience, a person can beat the odds and dream big dreams like becoming a
rocket scientist someday. There have only been a few instances where I knew as soon as I got out of
the car that I had an epiphany; this is where I am meant to be. Walking through the Kennedy Space
Center has been one of those few instances.


Abdiel A. Santos Galindo

Abdiel Galindo

NAME: Abdiel A. Santos Galindo
UNIVERSITY: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Within its 57 years of existence, NASA has brought many opportunities, improvements and advances in many fields primarily in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). During the year 2011, I had the honor to be part of this elite team during an internship at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. This two month experience not only gave me a closer look at what this magnificent agency does but, it also allowed me the opportunity of discovering that this is where I would like to profess my career.



FSGC Ambassadors must hold U.S. citizenship to be eligible to request travel funds for various conferences and workshops within the continental U.S. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend various conferences, workshops and to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to meet with NASA scientists and engineers. Ambassadors from Florida universities are expected to meet every two months via internet video conference with a FSGC representative to be updated on various NASA opportunities.

To apply for a position, students need to complete the following documents:

  1. A one page essay describing why they want to be an Ambassador and how they would promote NASA opportunities at their university.
  2. A Resume/Curriculum Vitae.

Once materials are completed, students must submit the application materials in PDF format to Gene Tavares (

Ideally, the applicant should be enrolled in classes at their university for at least one year from the date of being appointed a NASA FSGC Ambassador.

The NASA FSGC is funded by a training grant from NASA and only US citizens are eligible for direct support from FSGC.  Therefore, the student must be a US citizen if they wish to apply for travel funds.  If the student is not a US citizen, he or she can still be selected as an Ambassador, however, they will not be eligible to apply for travel funds.

Please note that being an Ambassador does not guarantee you travel funds.  Requests for such funds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by a FSGC representative to see whether the request fits FSGC’s criteria (presenting or not presenting, topic of presentation, nature of conference, time frame, etc.).

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