The Florida Space Grant Consortium is proud to announce the selection of Kevin Simmons, a former FSGC sponsored educator currently teaching at Eagle’s View Academy in Jacksonville, to the prestigious Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship. Chosen as one of 24 fellows, Kevin will reside in Washington D.C. starting this fall for the 11 month fellowship. He will work in the National Science Foundation’s Engineering Directorate- Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships.

Simmons, recently regaling about the beginnings of his company TEKNA-THEOS Inc, remembers fondly the support given to him by FSGC when he was first getting started. “Dr. Mukherjee was there right from the beginning. He believed in what we were doing, and his support was absolutely critical in the development of my company and the bioreactor we built for students. I owe many thanks to Dr. Mukherjee and the Florida Space Grant Consortium.”

TEKNA-THEOS Inc. is a student research and education company known locally for promoting aerospace based student projects and competitions. His students have flown Zero G several times, lobbied Congress, and most recently won the 2009 Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation- Lunar Exploration competition. The 2009 Conrad competition was held in Silicon Valley at NASA AMES near San Francisco, California.

It is an exciting time for Kevin right now as he prepares for his fellowship in the capitol. While there he will gain a working knowledge of educational policy, an exposure to a network of education experts and STEM experts, an increased awareness of the resources available through federal STEM agencies, insights and experience into the grant writing and grant reviewing process, and, in addition, will be privy to many student and teacher resources and opportunities. He will be in the front row during discussions on education resulting from efforts by President Obama, legislators and agency officials to move education forward in this country.
The Florida Space Grant Consortium is proud of Kevin Simmons’ achievements and we wish him the best of success for the many ventures he will undoubtedly undertake. Congratulations Kevin.