The Florida Space Grant Consortium is delighted to extend our deepest appreciation to the GE Foundation for the $100,000.00 grant they have bestowed on us. We here at FSGC just received confirmation this week that our efforts to secure the education grant from the GE Foundation have succeeded. Not only does the size of the grant showcase the GE Foundation’s commitment to scientific education, the fact that it is actually a continuation of the supportive relationship between the GE Foundation and FSGC indicates their long term investment in Florida’s education system.

The awarded $100,000.00 will be used to establish the Florida Space Grant Consortium’s CPET & DSC Teacher workshops program. The program is designed to train teachers from limited resource school districts to be more knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dynamic science teachers. It has long been one of FSGC’s main desires to supply the schools districts in economically disadvantaged areas with the scientific training and resources that are clearly needed. This most generous donation from the GE Foundation will go a long way towards making this dream a reality.

The CPET & DSC Teacher workshops will include 159 secondary Florida science teachers from around the state. There will be GE Foundation workshops for 70 teachers at the Kennedy Space Center. Those selected will receive training at NASA’s Educator’s Resource Center inside the Astronaut Memorial Foundation’s Center for Space Education.

The CPET Teacher Training Program is a more refined and focused way of impacting the scientific education standards of specific school districts. A total of 25 teachers from 5 school districts will participate. Five teachers will be selected from each of the following counties: Alachua, Broward, Collier, Marion, and Palm Beach County. After the teachers receive their training they will continue their communication amongst one another to collectively formulate strategies for how to best use the training and implement the curriculum they have learned. The Florida Space Grant Consortium will create the interface upon which this interactive community of motivated science teachers will be built. When this is combined with continued funds and resources from the GE Foundation for the teachers it becomes apparent how exciting this program is.

There will be 4 DSC workshops, Digital Solutions for the Classroom, all in different locations across the state. Each workshop will have 16 teachers who will be trained to create projects for their classrooms using digital technology. To add a bit of interest to the workshops, two of them are scheduled to take place at Tampa Lowry Park Zoo and Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.
Once again the Florida Space Grant Consortium would like to re-assert our deepest appreciation to the GE Foundation for this grant and all of the positive developments that will come out of it. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with the GE Foundation into the future.

Jaydeep Mukherjee
Florida Space Grant Consortium
Center for Space Education
Building M6-306, Room 7010
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
(321) 452-4301