Due to federal budget cuts, FSGC is discontinuing the Space Grant Fellowship program. We

will honor the multi-year awards given in 2013 and 2014



We will be initiating a new program called Dissertation Improvement Fellowship. Details will be announced by mid-March 2015

2014-15 Fellowship Program

The Space Grant Fellowship Program provides a prestigious instrument to reward and attract the best and the brightest of US citizens to space-related careers. The program is also designed to enhance cooperation among FSGC-affiliated university faculty and peers in industry, government and private laboratories. Accordingly, each Fellow will receive an Academic Year fellowship stipend of $21,000 for full-time doctoral study, renewable for 2 additional years or $12,000 for full time Master’s study, renewable for 1 additional year.

Florida Space Grant Fellows are expected to be involved in FSGC outreach activities. These activities will differ from campus to campus and a specific assignment will be made after consultation with the FSGC representative at that institute.

Eligible Fields: All nominees shall be enrolled in masters or doctoral programs with the intent of pursuing “space” research broadly defined to include aeronautics and astronautics, remote sensing, atmospheric sciences, and other fundamental sciences and technologies relying on and/or directly impacting space technological resources. Included within this definition are space science, earth observing science, space life sciences, space medicine, space policy, law, and engineering, astronomy and astrophysics, space facilities and applications, and space education.

Preference will be given to projects that are aligned with NASA’s priorities

  • Notice of Intent by March 14, 2014
  • Proposals due by April 18, 2014

Notification of Award – June, 2014 (subject to availability of funds)

1 ANOUNCEMENT OF OPPORTUNITY Learn about the program, its eligibility requirements, how to apply and reporting requirements.
(Adobe PDF Format and Word Document)
2 RESEARCH OPPORTUNITITES Find the best matching research opportunity at various NASA centers
3 ONLINE APPLICATION Read detailed instructions to register and successfully complete your online application.

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